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Titel Sprecher Datum Chair Dateien
Greenland Sea Warming Waldemar Walczowski 13.11.2007
Marine phytplankton studied with global biooptical methods Astrid Bracher 23.01.2008
Some considerations of the concept of climate feedback Ray Bates 22.11.2007
A survey on dispersive regularization approaches for atmospheric fluid dynamics Sebastian Reich 28.11.2007
Is the biosphere carbon saturated? Christian Körner 08.11.2007
A Lagrangian View of Transport: CLaMS - Chemical Lagrangian Model of the Atmosphere Paul Konopka 30.01.2008
Orbitally forced changes of large-to regional-scale relationships of atmospheric climate variability based on ECHO-G simulations Nikolaus Groll 14.11.2007
Impact of geo-engineered aerosols on stratospheric composition and dynamics Simone Tilmes 09.01.2008
Reviving the Laplacian in Ocean Models Jan O. Backhaus 08.01.2008
Ocean Viscosity and Climate Marcus Jochum 13.02.2008
Eastern boundary baroclinic variability and the meridional overturning circulation at 26.5N Maria Paz Chidichimo 05.02.2008
Tests of Monte Carlo Indepedent Column Approximation in ECHAM5 Petri Räisänen 12.03.2008
Satellite measurements of tropospheric composition Andreas Richter 05.03.2008
Established and Advanced Techniques for Visual Exploration of Climate Data Thomas Nocke 26.02.2008
A fresh look at the biological pump in the oligotrophic ocean Aike Beckmann 19.02.2008
The Indian Monsoon: An overview Pankaj Kumar 09.04.2008
Global Change Observation Mission (GCOM) 1st Research Announcement: AMSR2 on GCOM-W1 Algorithm, Validation, and Application 18.03.2008
From Science to Computational Sciences:Philosophy of Computer Based Simulation Gabriele Gramelsberger 02.04.2008
Stratosphere-Troposphere Coupling in an Idealized AGCM: Understanding the Stratosphere's Role in Tropospheric Climate Edwin Gerber 22.04.2008
Iodine monoxide above Antarctica – 4 years of satellite observations Anja Schönhardt 29.04.2008
Mid- to late Holocene climate change - trying to distinguish between facts and speculations H. Wanner 21.05.2008
The role of volcanos on climate development Svend Duggen 23.04.2008
tba Johan Nilsson 23.04.2008
Improving confidence in precipitation projections for future climate Peter Berg 07.05.2008
Dynamic and thermodynamic control of the water cycle under global warming Michael Previdi 09.04.2008
On the variability of the North Atlantic subpolar gyre - response to the North Atlantic Oscillation, role of the ocean initial state and impact on northern North Atlantic climate Katja Lohmann 23.04.2008
On atmospheric heat transport and storm tracks in the northern hemisphere Yong-Jia Song 08.04.2008
Use of simulated CloudSat/CALIPSO data to evaluate numerical models A. Bodas-Salcedo 18.06.2008
ENSO-Variation from the Zebiak & Cane Model under different climatic ground states Mario Schewski 07.04.2008
Can Arctic warm the Earth? Vladimir Semenov 25.06.2008

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