Hongmei Li


Email: hongmei.li@mpimet.mpg.de

Phone: +49-40-41173-158

Fax: +49-40-41173-298

Room no. 222

Mailing Address

Max Planck Institute for Meteorology

Bundesstrasse 53

D-20146 Hamburg



The Ocean in the Earth System

Research Group

Ocean Biogeochemistry


Research Interests

I am generally interested in the near-term predictions of the global carbon cycle and the carbon-climate feedbacks. My major research focus is on understanding the processes in regulating decadal variability and predictability of the ocean carbon uptake in the context of the Earth system. I am using grand ensemble simulations based on Earth system model to disentangle the internal variability from the variability generated by anthropogenic perturbations. In the meanwhile, I pursue to improve the near-term predictions of ocean carbon uptake and relevant processes by initializing the Earth system model with observations.


Professional activities
  • Serve as reviewer for peer-reviewed journals: Climate Dynamics, Geophysical Research Letters, Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics, Earth System Dynamics, Nature Climate Change, Nature Communications
  • Outreach to the public: paticipate in the Night of the Sciences Hamburg (Nacht des Wissens) in 2015 and 2017, we introduce anthropogenic CO2 emissions, ocean acidification, and our climate research to the public especially to the children through practical experments, poster and movies.