Department Members

Name Email Group Position Phone # Address
Becker, Tobias Precipitation Convection Postdoc 386 B417
Brokopf, Renate Wave Driven Circulations Technician 378 B310
Brügmann, Björn Tropical Cloud Observation Technician 426 G1806
Cioni, Guido Precipitation Convection Postdoc 466 B405
Crüger, Traute Global Circulation and Climate, Climate Dynamics Group Scientist 105 B309
Dacie, Sally Middle and Upper Atmosphere Phd Candidate 388 B419
Esch, Monika Wave Driven Circulations Scientific Programmer 375 B315
Fiedler, Stephanie Global Circulation and Climate Postdoc 416 B415
Fodor, Katherine IMPRS, Turbulent Mixing Processes in the Earth System Phd Candidate 207 B430
Frank, Lukas Tropical Cloud Observation Student Helper   G1805
George, Geet Tropical Cloud Observation Phd Candidate 207 430
Giorgetta, Marco Wave Driven Circulations Group Leader 358 B314
Gruber, Angela Director's Research Group (AES) Assistent 422 B413
Haghshenas, Armin Turbulent Mixing Processes in the Earth System Phd Candidate 106 B 307
Haufschild, Tobias Stratosphere and climate Phd Candidate 147 B424
Heinze, Rieke Precipitation Convection Postdoc 308 B408
Hime, Gustavo Global Circulation and Climate Scientific Programmer 170 B308
Hirsch, Lutz Tropical Cloud Observation Group Leader 206 G1822
Hohenegger, Cathy Precipitation Convection Group Leader 302 B411
Jansen, Friedhelm Tropical Cloud Observation Technician 256 G1821
Jimenez, Diego Climate Dynamics Group, Global Circulation and Climate Phd Candidate 386 B429
Jung, Hyunju Precipitation Convection Guest 388 B419
Keil, Paul Global Circulation and Climate Research Assistant 386 429
Kinne, Stefan Tropical Cloud Observation Scientist 383 B422
Klingebiel, Marcus Tropical Cloud Observation Postdoc 227 B404
Kluft, Lukas IMPRS Phd Candidate 42838-8122 UHH
Leutwyler, David Precipitation Convection Guest 424 B417
Luebke, Anna Tropical Cloud Observation Postdoc 122 B328
Machnitzki, Tobias Tropical Cloud Observation Student Helper   B402
Manzini, Elisa Stratosphere and climate Group Leader 317 B418
Mellado, Juan-Pedro Turbulent Mixing Processes in the Earth System Group Leader 354 B406
Meraner, Katharina Middle and Upper Atmosphere Postdoc 130 B421
Moseley, Christopher Wave Driven Circulations Scientist 144 B329
Müller, Sebastian Stratosphere and climate Phd Candidate 388 B419
Naumann, Ann Kristin Precipitation Convection Group Leader 239 B427
Niemeier, Ulrike Stratospheric Forcing and Climate Scientist 130 B418
Paccini, Laura Precipitation Convection Phd Candidate 183 412
Rast, Sebastian Middle and Upper Atmosphere Scientific Programmer 425 B428
Sakradzija, Mirjana Precipitation Convection Postdoc 489 B305
Schmidt, Hauke Global Circulation and Climate Group Leader 405 B416
Schubotz, Wiebke Director's Research Group (AES) Postdoc 125 B330
Schulz, Bernhard Turbulent Mixing Processes in the Earth System Phd Candidate 313 B307
Schulz, Hauke Tropical Cloud Observation Scientist 183 B412
Serikov, Ilya Tropical Cloud Observation Scientist 257 G1811
Spickermann, Dela Director's Research Group (AES) Scientist 460094-223 DKRZ
Stephan, Claudia Middle and Upper Atmosphere Postdoc 124 B409
Stevens, Björn Director's Research Group (AES) Director 421 B414
Timmreck, Claudia Stratospheric Forcing and Climate Group Leader 384 B407
Welß, Jan Precipitation Convection Scientist 466 B405
Windmiller, Julia Precipitation Convection Postdoc 266 B406
Worbes, Ludwig Tropical Cloud Observation Postdoc 427 G1806