AES Seminar

The seminar take place Monday at 10:30 am room 101. For any changes or suggestion of talks please write a mail to Opens window for sending emailJiawei Bao or Opens window for sending emailJulia Windmiller.

Title Speaker Date Chair
Live-Stream from EUREC4A (room 024, 14:00) 27.01.2020 Julia Windmiller
TBD Marco Giorgetta 03.02.2020 Jaemyeong Seo
TBD Jaemyeong Seo 10.02.2020 Maria Rugenstein
TBD Maria Rugenstein 17.02.2020 Clarissa Kroll
TBD Clarissa Kroll 24.02.2020 Cathy Hohenegger
TBD Cathy Hohenegger 02.03.2020 Martin Bergemann
TBD Martin Bergemann 09.03.2020 Mirjana Sakradzija
TBD Mirjana Sakradzija 16.03.2020 Ann Kristin Naumann
TBD Ann Kristin Naumann 23.03.2020 Traute Crueger
TBD Traute Crüger 30.03.2020 Marcus Klingebiel
TBD Marcus Klingebiel 06.04.2020 Theresa Lang
TBD Theresa Lang 20.04.2020 Geet George
TBD Geet George 27.04.2020 TBD