AES Seminar

The seminar take place Monday at 10:30 am room 101. For any changes or suggestion of talks please write a mail to Opens window for sending emailChristopher Moseley or Opens window for sending emailJulia Windmiller.

Title Speaker Date Chair
TBD Stefan Kinne 25.03.2019 Lukas Kluft
TBD Lukas Kluft 01.04.2019 Julia Windmiller
TBD Julia Windmiller 08.04.2019 TBD
TBD TBD 15.04.2019 TBD
TBD Ilya Serikov 29.04.2019 Theresa Mieslinger
TBD Lukas Frank 06.05.2019 Ilya Serikov
TBD Theresa Mieslinger 13.05.2019 Hartmut Borth
TBD Hartmut Borth 20.05.2019 Mirjana Sakradzija
TBD Mirjana Sakradzija 27.05.2019 TBD