Central IT Services (CIS)

CIS develops and supports an IT environment enabling scientists to understand earth’s changing climate, including a well functioning interface to the DKRZ environment. We provide centralized IT for the MPI-M since centralized know-how and experience ensures effective, consistent, and costeffective support.

Support currently ranges from hardware procurement and repair, software environment, and websites to server and network administration as well as central storage. Additional new services are developed and deployed in close alignment with the scientific goals of the MPI-M. A wide range of applications, servers and hardware is needed to provide the best research environment for the staff.

Central IT Services (CIS / SCLab)


Additional information in detail about the services of CIS can be found in the Opens external link in current windowWiki of the MPI.

External access to the wiki

Remote access to the wiki from outside the MPI-network, is possible for employees of MPI for Meteorology via EZProxy using the link “MPI Wiki”