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Becker, TobiasOn the interaction of precipitating convection and the large scale environment
Dacie, SallyUnderstanding effects of climate change on the tropopause and ist potential feedback
Cioni, GuidoImpact of soil moisture on the triggering of convection and ensuing precipitation
Fodor, KatherineConvection Cells in the Planetary Boundary Layer: Origin and Reduced Modeling
Galfi, VeraExtreme events in different atmospheric models
Haghshenas, ArminWind effects on the structure and dynamics of the convective boundary layer
Haufschild, TobiasStratospheric controls on northern hemispheric storm tracks
Jiménez de la Cuesta Otero, DiegoHistorical warming and climate sensitivity
Kluft, LukasBenchmark Calculations of the Climate Sensitivity of Radiative Convective Equilibrium
Li, CathyAtmospheric Chemistry Reactions in a Turbulent Flow: Application to an Urban Environment



Completed PhD studies related to atmospheric systems and processes


IMPRS-ESM alumni hold a Dr. rer. nat. from the Department of Geosciences.



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Meraner, KatharinaClimate effects of energetic particle precipitation
Van Stratum, BartThe influence of misrepresenting the nocturnal boundary layer on daytime convection in large-eddy simulation
Fläschner, DagmarIntermodel spread in global and tropical precipitation changes
Siongco, Angela CheskaDrivers of Precipitation Biases in the Tropical Atlantic Sector
Ansorge, CedrickAnalyses of turbulence in the neutrally and stably stratified planetary boundary layer
Park, Jong-YeonWest African Monsoon Rainfall in a Warming Climate
Keitzl, ThomasTurbulent Enhancement of the Melt Rate at an Ice-Ocean Interface
Schubert, SebastianQuasi-Geostrophic Model of the Atmosphere: Instabilities and Feedbacks
Bittner, MatthiasOn the discrepancy between observed and simulated dynamical response of Northern Hemisphere winter climate to large tropical volcanic eruptions
Sakradžija, MirjanaA stochastic parameterization of shallow cumulus convection for high-resolution numerical weather prediction and climate models