PhD representatives

PhD representatives are elected contact and spokes persons of the doctoral candidates in IMPRS-ESM. Representatives are elected by their fellow PhD candidates during the annual retreat of the IMPRS-ESM. They serve for one year, a second year is possible.

IMPRS-ESM PhD representatives are available to answer questions of and/or to discuss possible problems with doctoral candidates. They serve as a link between PhD candidates and the IMPRS-ESM Executive Committee.

Through the Max Planck PhDnet IMPRS-ESM PhD representatives connect with those from other Max Planck Institutes. PhDnet is facilitating collaboration among PhD candidates within the whole Max Planck Society and serves as voice of all doctoral candidates at the administrative level of the Society.

Ms Mia Sophie Specht

Dept. The Ocean in the Earth System                                 

Mia Sophie Specht      
Phone:       41173 168
Room no.:  B318

Mr Elliot McKinnon-Gray

Dept. The Atmosphere in the Earth System / Institute of Meteorology (UHH)                             

Elliot McKinnon-Gray     
Phone:       42838 9207
Room no.:  G4012

Mr Paul Keil

Dept. The Atmosphere in the Earth System                                 

Paul Keil      
Phone:       41173 386
Room no.:  B429