Information for employees

The following measures are in place, effective immediately and until further notice; we expect them to remain in effect at least up to and including 19 April:

  1. The MPI-M remains open and operational, albeit with drastically reduced personal presence.  All are obliged to maintain physical distance from each other (two metres minimum) and to follow strict hygiene standards.  Face-to-face meetings should be replaced by virtual meetings wherever possible.
  2. Home Office is strongly encouraged for everyone, to reduce face-to-face contact during work and commuting.  Administration, the technical workshop, and CIS have developed plans to maintain their respective operations at reduced personal presence.
  3. All business travel is suspended, unless explicit permission has been obtained from the managing director.
  4. All meetings are suspended, including all seminars, departmental, and group meetings.  The library is closed.
  5. No new visitors or guests are accepted.
  6. CIS will inform us about additional ways to use videoconferencing. This should enable us to run our standard meetings remotely.  Please also use all electronic means available to stay in touch with advisors, advisees, and colleagues.
  7. Furthermore, CIS will inform us about additional means of communication beyond e-mail, called 'mattermost', in case GWDG (our e-mail provider) stops working.
  8. Reiner Letscher <> and Ulrike Kirchner <> are the  main contacts for Corona-related matters.  One of the directors will usually be on-site and can provide legally required signatures; expect delays, however.
  9. Requests for leave can be e-mailed to Eva Fitek <>.  They do not require group-leader signature but of course approval.
  10. It is our understanding that for sick-leave notification, the documentation ('Krankschreibung') can be obtained by phoning in with a physician, rather than having to visit a practice.
  11. All previously stated quarantine regulations for persons returning from a risk area remain in place, especially the requirement for staying at home for 14 days.
  12. The Corona task force will meet regularly -- once per week or more often -- to assess new developments and to inform you right away.

We sincerely hope that we can avoid a closure of the MPI-M. Should that happen, however, access to the building will be barred for all except a very small number of people.  Hopefully the measures outlined above will train us in maintaining our working relationships and interactions, even in that case,  despite not meeting in person.

Best wishes, and stay healthy!
Jochem Marotzke
(on behalf of the collegium and the Corona task force)