Jin-Song von Storch appointed to Professor at Universität Hamburg

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On 17 September 2018 Dr Jin-Song von Storch, deputy head of the department „The Ocean in the Earth System“ at the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology (MPI-M), was awarded the academic title „Professor“ by the Universität Hamburg. The title „Professor“ according to §17 of the Hamburg Act of Higher Education is awarded to persons who have distinguished themselves through outstanding scientific achievements, and who have taught independently at the University for at least three years.

Jin-Song von Storch has been leading the „Ocean Statistics“ research group at MPI-M since 2004. Her professional career started in 1987 when she had received her diploma in meteorology from Universität Hamburg, and received her Ph.D. three years later at the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology. 1998, she habilitated, and 1999 she received the renowned Heisenberg stipend from the German Research Foundation, which enabled her to establish an independent working group at the Universität Hamburg until 2004. As a principal investigator Jin-Song von Storch has significantly contributed to the success of the excellence cluster CliSAP (Integrated Climate System Analysis and Prediction) and is contributing also to the new excellence cluster CliCCS (Climate, Climatic Change and Society) as project leader. She is an active member of the collaborative research center 181.

More information:
https://mpi met.mpg.de/en/staff/jin-song-von-storch/

Prof Dr Jin-Song von Storch
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