Role of extreme events for the land carbon cycle

From a combination of satellite observations (fAPAR) and station data of land CO2 exchange (FLUXNET) one knows that the land carbon dynamics is dominated by a few extreme events each year (Zscheischler eta al., 2014). Such extreme events can e.g. be hot spells, droughts or storms. It turns out that as a function of the size of the extreme event  the distribution of affected gross primary primary productivity (GPP) of the vegetation follows a power law. The emergence of this power law can be used to test the realism of global carbon cycle simulations. Therefore, in this master project simulations with the MPI Earth System Model shall be analyzed for the emergence of such a power law. 


Reichstein et al., Climate extremes and the carbon cycle, Nature 500 (2013) 287-295.
Zscheischler et al.,  A few extreme events dominate global interannual variability in gross primary production,  Environmental Research Letters  9 (2014) 035001, doi:10.1088/1748-9326/9/3/035001.

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