HOT Seminar

Gemeinsames Seminar der HERZ, OPS und TMP Gruppen

HERZ (Hans-Ertel Forschungsgruppe: Wolken und konvektive Prozesse)
: Cathy Hohenegger*

OPS (Beobachtungen und Prozessstudien): Louise Nuijens*, Stefan Kinne*

TMP (Turbulente Mischungsprozesse im Erdsystem): Juan Pedro Mellado*


Das Seminar findet normalerweise dienstags um 11:15 im Raum N301 statt.

Für Änderungen der Vortragstermine oder des Chairs, oder auch für Vorschläge für einen Vortrag bitte eine Email an (chiel.vanheerwaarden[at] schreiben.  

Informationen über die vergangenen Seminare sind hier zu finden: Archiv

HOT Seminar 2014

Date Speaker Title Chair Notes
19 May Vivek Journal Club: Wang et al.: Aerosol indirect effects in a multi-scale aerosol-climate model PNNL-MMF, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 11, 5431-5455, doi:10.5194/acp-11-5431-2011, 2011    
29 May   Holiday    
2 June Katja Lamer (McGill University) On cloud and vertical velocity retrievals from scanning ARM cloud radars Stefan Kinne  
6 June Malte Merk The free convective boundary layer and its dependency on spatially varying heterogeneous forcing Chiel  
12 June Andreas Veira Modelling wildfire emission heights and their impact on global aerosol concentrations Cheska  
16 June Xiaoli Zhou (McGill University) Stratocumulus to cumulus transitions observed with the ARM mobile facility deployed on a commercial vessel (MAGIC) Louise  
26 June Wolfgang Langhans Lagrangian investigation of the water processing by cumulus clouds Cathy  
30 June Andrew Gettelman Putting the Clouds back in Aerosol-Cloud-Climate Interactions Vivek  
10 July Cheska Siongco Topography and the ITCZ position: an overview Christopher  
14 July No HOT seminar GEWEX meeting/summer holidays Thomas  
17 July Bernd Kärcher Primary ice formation in mixed-phase clouds Lukas  
24 July Christina Klasa Scale dependency of microphysical process rates: autoconversion and accretion Axel  
28 July Linda Schlemmer Modifications of the atmospheric moisture field as a result of cold-pool dynamics Mirjana  
7 Aug Ruidan Chen The role of moisture in low-level jet and precipitation formation over China Lorenzo  
11 Aug Lorenzo Tomassini Comparison of global NWP model hindcasts of a cold air outbreak to large-eddy simulations Linda  
21 Aug Bart van Stratum The influence of misrepresenting the stable NBL on daytime convection in LES: The role of resolved turbulence, and first steps towards moisture Raphaela  
25 Aug Hauke Schulz Illuminating the lower end of the optical depth distribution    
4 Sep Vivek Sant A new hail melting scheme Juan Pedro  
8 Sep Rieke Heinze Towards long-term LES Jade  
18 Sep        
22 Sep Journal Club Grand Challenges -- Is convective aggregation important for climate? Bart  
2 Oct Lukas Müßle Lagrangian droplets in stratocumulus Ann Kristin  
6 Oct Ann Kristin Naumann Lagrangian droplets in shallow cumulus Vera  
16 Oct     Cedrick  
20 Oct Mirjana Sakradzija Stochastic EDMF cloud scheme and its scale-adaptivity in ICON Malte  
23 Oct Jacob Fugal (MPI Mainz) Cloud DSD measurements Alberto  
3 Nov Cathy Hohenegger Land sea breeze    
13 Nov SAB 10./11. Nov      
17 Nov Journal Club Grand Challenges -- Which process is missing in the picture?