The Max Planck Institute for Meteorology (MPI-M) is an internationally renowned institute for climate research. Its mission is to understand Earth's changing climate.


The MPI-M comprises three departments and, together with the Opens external link in current windowUniversity of Hamburg, an international PhD program:

The Atmosphere in the Earth System

The Land in the Earth System
The Ocean in the Earth System


In addition the institute hosts independent research groups focused on the following topics:


Scientists at the MPI-M investigate what determines the sensitivity of the Earth system to perturbations such as the changing composition of its atmosphere, and work toward establishing the sources and limits of predictability within the Earth system. MPI-M develops and analyses sophisticated models of the Earth system, which simulate the processes within atmosphere, land and ocean. Such models have developed into important tools for understanding the behaviour of our climate, and they form the basis for international assessments of climate change. Targeted in-situ measurements and satellite observations complement the model simulations.


Together with several other non-university research institutions the MPI-M and the University of Hamburg constitute Opens external link in current windowCliSAP, a centre of excellence for climate research and education in Hamburg, Germany.

Focus on

Doctoral Programme at MPI-M

The International Max Planck Research School on Earth System Modelling (IMPRS-ESM) at the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology (MPI-M) in Hamburg, Germany, educates excellent junior scientists in studying the Earth’s climate system. MPI-M and the University of Hamburg jointly run the IMPRS-ESM to promote a fundamental and state-of-the-art academic training in Earth system modelling. The Ph.D. students learn to work and think interdisciplinary.


They become experts in their own research field, but will additionally get an insight into other Earth system research topics. Doctoral candidates learn to apply MPI-M’s Earth system models that range in complexity and scale, and acquire the ability to handle and use the high performance computing systems of the German Climate Computing Centre (DKRZ), applying the Earth system models on their supercomputers.

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