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Max Planck Institut für Meteorologie

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D-20146 Hamburg




The Ocean in the Earth System


Research Group

Ocean Physics


Research Interests

Last Glacial Maximum

AMOC dynamics

air-sea interaction

global climate modelling


Curriculum Vitae

since July 2017

Postdoc at Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, Hamburg

2014 - July 2017  

PhD candidate at Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, Hamburg

International Max Planck Research School for Earth System Modelling

Thesis title: "The AMOC and its sensitivity to different climate forcings in the range of glacial to modern conditions"


Young Graduate Trainee at ESA/ESRIN, Frascati, Italy

Topics: SMOS salinity and water mass formation in T-S space

2010 - 2012  

M.Sc. physical Oceanography, University of Hamburg

Thesis title: "Atmospheric pressure adjustments associated with spin-down over sea surface temperature fronts – A regional and seasonal study"

2007 - 2010  

B.Sc. Oceanography/Geophysics, University of Hamburg

Thesis title: "Lagrangian Study of the Subtropical-Subpolar Gyres Water exchange in the North Atlantic"



H.Kilbourne, M.Klockmann, E.Morene-Chamarro, P.Ortega, A.Romanou, M.Srokosz, Z.Szuts, K.Thirumalai, I.Hall, P.Heimback, D.Oppo, A.Schmittner, and R.Zhang (2017): Connecting paleo and modern oceanographic data to understand AMOC over decades to centuries. A US CLIVAR Workshop Report, Report 2017-3, 26pp., doi:10.5065/D6KP80KR

M.Klockmann, U.Mikolajewicz, J.Marotzke (2016): The effect of greenhouse gas concentrations and ice sheets on the glacial AMOC in a coupled climate model, Climate of the Past, 12, 1829-1846

R.Sabia, M.Klockmann, D.Fernandez-Prieto, C.Donlon (2014): A first estimation of SMOS-based ocean surface T-S diagrams, Journal of Geophysical Research, 119