A flock of tropical sheep

Photo by Ulrike Kirchner

We are in the tropics with light easterly trade winds for the second advent. Watching the launch of the weather ballon this morning indicates low-level winds with a speed and direction similar to the vessel. The sky has many small cumulus clouds at low altitudes. In German, we sometimes call these clouds “Schäfchenwolken” or “Schönwetterwolken” that translates to sheep clouds and beautiful weather clouds, respectively. I enjoy the cloud flock on their blue meadow while working on the pile deck at the top of the vessel. Here, I operate the big cloud imager (photo), but the heat under the tropical sun raises problems. The temperature inside the box with the imager and computer has been rising yesterday such that I had to interrupt the recording in the afternoon. Today, I improvise by attaching an extra cooling system. It is simply an ice pack from the freezer downstairs and a sun umbrella made of cardboard from the science technician aboard (photo). Fingers crossed our invention for cooling the heat exchanger keeps the temperature inside the box below 40 degree Celsius today, at least for a little longer than yesterday. In either case it will again be too hot for ginger bread and mulled wine.

Author: Dr. Stephanie Fiedler