Cruise No. MSM68/2: 04.11.2017 - 14.11.2017

“Collecting Atmospheric Reference Data over Oceans (CARO)“ a board of “FS MARIA S.MERIAN“

The awakening of the robot

5 am - early rise for an exciting start of the day. I just have a quick sip of coffee and go down to the working deck. It is time for breathing life into our robot friend #170356 with a shot of water in it’s veins and animating the heart, a small hydraulic pump, with the build-in battery. We hear the ARGO float ticking, but it only lasts for 30 minutes. This is our time window for deploying the float in the North Atlantic. We leave it alone and will only get back in touch by monitoring the valuable measurements in the ARGO database, an international effort for collecting ocean observations. I have learned about this program in Australia, but I never would have thought that I will have the chance deploying a float myself. While the float disappears in the darkness behind the vessel, we prepare the vertical profiling of the ocean with the ship’s own heavy gear. The CTD-rosette hits the water at our first station and we keep watching the growing record of the profile on the lab’s monitor for 90 minutes. Positioning the rosette back on deck needs the full support of two men in the 4m swell. Everyone’s effort will be great for validating the first measurements of the brand-new ARGO float. We are satisfied with this part of our mission and dream of the robot’s adventures during a short nap.

Expedition: MSM68/2
Author: Dr. Stephanie Fiedler