Cruise No. MSM68/2: 04.11.2017 - 14.11.2017

“Collecting Atmospheric Reference Data over Oceans (CARO)“ a board of “FS MARIA S.MERIAN“

Circles and ‘Sonne’

We are going in circles all night. Although it might seem like we have lost our way just when we have left the port, every little track change has a good reason. It is necessary for testing settings of the brand new navigation system of the vessel. Circling around the same position is also useful for having atmospheric measurements at an almost fixed location for twelve hours. We will be able to compare our data of our cloud imager ‘Pinocchio’ at this position against measurements from the same instrument type aboard of the sister vessel ‘FS Sonne’ passing us with low speed in the early morning. Our vision was not good enough for spotting Stefan on deck, but ‘FS Sonne’ lived up to it’s name with the bright lights in the foggy air.

Expedition: MSM68/2
Author: Dr. Stephanie Fiedler