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Title Speaker Date Chair
The Role of Jet Stream in Global Atmospheric Circulation Gang Chen 27.04.2015 Elisa Manzini
TBD Geet George 03.09.2018 Jan-Niklas Welss
If we know the large-scale state of the tropical atmosphere, what can we say about the cloudiness? Geet George 29.07.2019 Thibaut Dauhut
Towards UA-ICON: a whole-atmospheric model for studying gravity waves from troposphere to thermosphere Guidi Zhou 13.02.2017 Juan Pedro Mellado
Tropical cyclones…in the Mediterranean Sea? Guido Cioni 19.10.2015 Christopher Moseley
Effects of soil moisture on diurnal convection and precipitation Guido Cioni 26.09.2016 Christopher Moseley
(Re)discovering precipitation efficiency through land-atmosphere interactions Guido Cioni 26.06.2017 Traute Crueger
View title Guido Cioni 11.06.2018 Katherine Fodor
TBD Guido Cioni 21.01.2019 Katharina Meraner
TBD Gustavo Hime 17.07.2017 Stefan Kinne
Are the orographic gravity waves trapped or propagated over southeast Tibetan Plateau in Winter Haile Xue 07.10.2019 Geet George
Urbanization and urban heat island: from regime transition of city-scale circulations to the rapid modification of urban land surface temperature during rainfall Hamid Omidvar 06.08.2018 Juan Pedro Mellado
Large-Scale Circulation and Orography in Idealized Atmospheres Hartmut Borth 20.05.2019 Diego Jimenez
Solar signals in the 100-member ensemble of historical simulations Hauke Schmidt 12.10.2015 Guido Cioni
Fast stratospheric ozone chemistry - Why and how? Hauke Schmidt 25.07.2016 Lutz Hirsch
What happened to the stratosphere in February 2016? Hauke Schmidt 25.09.2017 Marcus Klingebiel
Is a linearized ozone scheme useful for climate simulations? Hauke Schmidt 08.07.2019 Stephanie Fiedler
Observing the atmosphere in moisture space Hauke Schulz 30.05.2016 Katharina Meraner
TBD Hauke Schulz 17.12.2018 Claudia Stephan
Observed variability of shallow convection Hauke Schulz 15.07.2019 Laura Paccini

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