The Atmosphere in the Earth System


The department's focus is on understanding how atmospheric processes determine patterns of surface precipitation, temperature, and other aspects of surface climate. This focus is motivated by a desire to make sense of Earth system susceptibility, one of the two questions guiding research within the institute as a whole.

Specific questions that interest us include: What controls the planetary albedo? How do moist processes (clouds and convection) influence the structure of the general circulation, and the hydrological cycle? How do stratospheric processes couple to the troposphere and influence climate?

We maintain the atmospheric component of the MPI Earth System Model, one of the worlds leading atmospheric general circulation models. We have developed and sustained the Barbados Cloud Observatory, a one of a kind facility supporting advanced remote sensing of marine tropical cloud systems, and also are active in airborne research through the development and deployment of a remote sensing payload for the German high-altitude research aircraft HALO.


Scientific Working Groups

Global Climate Modelling (Marco Giorgetta)

Climate Dynamics (Torsten Mauritsen)

Middle and Upper Atmosphere (Hauke Schmidt)

Observations & Process Studies  (Lutz Hirsch)


Hans Ertel Center Research Group (joint with Opens external link in current windowDWD)

Clouds and Convection (Cathy Hohenegger and Daniel Klocke)


Max Planck Research Group

Turbulent Mixing Processes in the Earth System (Juan Pedro Mellado)


Minerva Research Group

Stratosphere and Climate (Elisa Manzini)


Guest scientist

Klaus Fraedrich





Prof. Dr. Bjorn Stevens

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Personal Assistent

Angela Gruber

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Fax: +49 (0)40 41173 - 430


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Postdoctoral fellowships for international scholars may also be financed by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (Opens external link in current windowAvH)