Work Package 8 (WP8): Data Life Cycle across Communities

This research work package is concerned with identifying additional data management needs and requirements in scientific communities and addressing them by developing prototypes for new services or extensions to existing ones.

Requirements Engineering
The first phase of the work in WP8 comprised of analyzing the workflows of the participating scientific communities to extract new needs and requirements. This was achieved by extending the analysis to the scientific communities' complete data life cycles beyond the basic commonalities found and addressed in the first phase of EUDAT. The ENES data life cycle was part of this analysis and EUDAT D8.1 Report on Requirements summarizes the results of these efforts.

First GEF Extension Prototypes

The new requirements extracted in above deliverable led into three new directions pertaining the GEF:

  1. A GEF extension was required that implements a modular event system necessary for the future adoption of a directive-/data policy-based configuration system for the entire EUDAT CDI. As a first step, an event system (GEF DEx for Directive Extension) was prototyped that can restrict the execution of GEF HTTP API requests. It is being augmented by the integration of a rule engine (Drools and Apache Jena for comparison) for evaluating directives/data policies to control the execution of HTTP API requests.
  2. A GEF extension that allows importing and automatically embedding Taverna workflow files from the myExperiment online repository into Docker containers to showcase the potential of integration with a workflow repository and enacting the workflow files on EUDAT CDI data with the GEF.
  3. A prototype for interfacing the GEF with the EGI cloud infrastructure. The extension is the first step in enabling the GEF to be applied to the ENES ESGF/EGI use case. The GEF orchestrates the deployment of software tools on the EGI Federated Cloud after data has been transferred from its storage location.

EUDAT deliverable D8.4 Initial Service Prototypes details the evolution and the current status of these GEF extensions. The project will end for WP8 with a report on use cases for the GEF extension prototypes developed during its duration to validate their functionality and utility on several use cases provided by several scientific communities.