Strategic IT partnerships

As integral part of SCLab, a senior scientist, highly qualified in IT- strategy and HPC, assists in their efforts. He was assigned to SCLab to manage SIP for the institute. The central idea of strategic IT partnerships is the optimisation of the workflow of scientists, from idea to paper. SIP activities result from this idea.

Currently two scientists working in EU-funded projects (ESiWACE and EUDAT) are part of this group helping in these activities.

The MPI-M has a long-standing tradition of active cooperation with a variety of institutions on computational and IT infrastructure development projects. Most important and notable is the cooperation with DKRZ, which will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2018. In the area of HPC the MPI-M, via SCLab and, most notably, CIMD, co-operates very closely with DKRZ, but also other institutions of the Gauss and PrACE initiatives. Of growing importance for MPI-M is the relation to DWD as the major development partner of the ICON model, and a major player in the weather and Earth system modelling field in Germany. DWD considers using ICON for operational seasonal to decadal projections. Teaming up with DWD, DKRZ - for software development and performance optimization - and KIT - for chemistry model solutions - and growing this partnership will be of central importance for MPI-M, and the German national modelling landscape. These partnerships will also foster MPI-M’s role in the larger activities on the European floor, like those coordinated by the European Network on Earth System Modeling ENES. This network fosters cooperation in infrastructure aspects of climate modelling. There is an active program conducted by this network to ensure funding for innovative, future oriented software infrastructure developments, which are of special interest to SCLab. All these co-operations need a contractual basis. And software developed at MPI-M. SIP is developing, fostering and maintaining such activities.