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Borchert, LeonardLinking the predictability of oceanic heat transport and surface temperatures in the North Atlantic
Burgard, ClaraUnderstanding biases in large-scale sea-ice simulations
Chouksey, ManitaDissipation of meso-scale eddies
Erokhina, OlgaEffect of icebergs on the simulated deglacial climate changes
Ferrer Gonzales, MiriamMitigation potential and side effects of ocean alkalinity enhancement for climate change and ocean acidification
Hedemann, ChristopherOcean heat uptake and climate sensitivity
Klockmann, MarleneThe glacial AMOC
Koul, VimalTowards the decadal prediction of shelf-sea marine ecosystems
Krönert. LukasOn the representation of eddies in a numerical ocean model - numerics and subgridscale closure
Lüschow, VeitAtlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) of an eddying ocean and its response to an increase in atmospheric CO2 concentration



Completed PhD studies related to ocean systems and processes


IMPRS-ESM alumni hold a Dr. rer. nat. from the Department of Geosciences.



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Ghosh, RohitThe potential role of decadal climate processes (such as for the North Atlantic circulation) for seasonal forecasts
Salameh, JosianeClimate dynamics of a slowly rotating aquaplanet
Moreno Chamarro, EduardoClimate and ocean variability during the last millennium in paleo-observations and Earth system model simulations
Ackmann, JanError Estimation Algorithms for ocean models
Tian, FangxingEffects of coupling frequency on climate simulated by a coupled AO-GCM
Li, ZhuhuaInternal tides simulated by a 1/10° OGCM
Mielke, CharlotteObserved and simulated variability of the North Atlantic meridional overturning circulation
Heinze, MathiasReconstructing the ocean carbon cycle & its interactions with climate during the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum
Rimac, AntonijaThe role of wind-induced inertial oscillations on the energetics of the ocean
Broehan, DavidAnalysis of Arctic Sea-Icea Leads from Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer