PhD candidates studying the ocean in the Earth system

IMPRS-ESM doctoral candidates are either affiliated with the department ‘The Ocean in the Earth System’ (OES) of the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology (MPI-M) or with the ‘Institute of Oceanography’ (IfM) of the Universität Hamburg (UHH).


'B' in the address indicates a room at Bundesstrasse 53.

Phone Hamburg in Germany: 0049 40 - XXX

NameEmailResearch GroupPhoneAddress
Carvalho Oliveira, Julianna Paleoclimate and Coastal Impacts04152 87 1824HZG
Erokhina, Olga Ocean Physics41173 181B120
Gieße, Céline Climate Modelling42838 7622B336
Keppler, Lydia Director’s Research Group41173 184 B326
Koul, Vimal Climate System Data Assimilation42838 7481B337
Krönert, Lukas Mathematics and Computational Physics group41173 168B318
Kumar, Arjun Director’s Research Group (OES)41173 280B122
Lang, Andreas Ocean Physics41173 461B126
Lochner, Stephan Director's Research Group (Ocean)41173 162B216
Lüschow, Veit Ocean Statistics41173 193B117
Marcolino Nielsen, David Climate Modelling Group (IfM)42836 7469B339
Ramme, Lennart Director's Research Group (Ocean)41174 193B117
Rohrschneider, Tim Director's Research Group (Ocean)41173 245B124
Specht, Mia Sophie Director's Research Group (Ocean)41173 168B318
Spring, Aaron Ocean Biogeochemistry41173 280B122