PhD candidates in IMPRS-ESM

Phone Hamburg in Germany: 0049 40 - XXX,   'B': Bundesstrasse 53,   'GB': Grindelberg 5,   'G': 'Geomatikum' , Bundesstrasse 55,   'S': Schäferkampsallee 29,   'W': Welckerstrasse 8

Burgard, Clara Sea Ice in the Earth System41173 157B227
Carvalho Oliveira, Julianna Paleoclimate and Coastal Impacts04152 87 1824HZG
Dacie, Sally Middle and Upper Atmosphere41173 388B419
Erokhina, Olga Ocean Physics41173 181B120
Finn, Tobias Atmosphärenmessungen und Prozessmodellierung42838 6721G1628
Flach, Rafaela Research Unit Sustainability and Global Change, UHH42838 4121GB204
Fodor, Katherine Turbulent Mixing Processes in the Earth System41173 207B430
George, Geet Director's Research Group (Atmosphere)41173 207B430
Haghshenas, Armin Turbulent Mixing Processes in the Earth System41173 106B307
Hansen, Akio Atmospheric Measurements / Process Modelling42838 5158G1632
Haufschild, Tobias Stratosphere and climate41173 147B424
Heidkamp, Marvin Boundary layer measurements & modelling41173 274S1.13
Hu, Pinhsin Director’s Research Group (LES)41173 542G1704
Jiménez de la Cuesta Otero, Diego Climate Dynamics41173 386B429
Jungandreas, Leonore Director’s Research Group (LES)41173 147B424
Kalidindi, Sirisha Study of a terraplanet in ICON41173 272G1706
Keppler, Lydia Director’s Research Group41173 184 B326
Kirsch, Bastian Model verification and diagnostics42838 5158G1632
Kluft, Lukas Director's Research Group (Atmosphere) & Radiation and Remote Sensing42838-8122G1531
Koul, Vimal Climate System Data Assimilation42838 7481B337
Krönert, Lukas Mathematics and Computational Physics group (OES)41173 168B318
Kumar, Arjun Director’s Research Group (OES)41173 280B122
Lang, Andreas Ocean Physics41173 461B126
Lemburg, Alexander Director's Research Group (Land)41173 254G1727
Li, Cathy Environmental Modelling41173 208S2.05
Lüschow, Veit Ocean Statistics41173 193B117
Marcolino Nielsen, David Climate Modelling Group (IfM)42836 7469B339
Mendonça, Guilherme Climate and vegetation41173 110G1710
Mieslinger, Theresa Prof. Dr. Bühler42838-8122G1531
Müller, Anke Research Unit Sustainability and Global Change42838 4998GB204
Neddermann, Nele Climate System Data Assimilation42838 7469B339
Paccini Peña, Laura Clouds and Convection (in AES)41172 183B412
Ratzke, Leonie Sozialökonomie42838 4805W4.16
Rehder, Zoé Climate-Biogeosphere Interaction group (LES)41173 542G1704
Rohrschneider, Tim Director's Research Group (Ocean)41173 162B216
Roshan, Elnaz Sustainability and Global Change42838 4406GB209
Schulz, Bernhard Turbulent Mixing Processes in the Earth System41173 313B307
Schulz, Hauke Director’s Research Group (AES)41172 183B412
Spring, Aaron Ocean Biogeochemistry41173 280B122
Suárez Gutiérrez, Laura MiKlip - Decadal Climate Predictions41173 162B216
Wey, Hao-wei Forest Management in the Earth System41173 218G1712
Winkler, Alexander Climate-Biogeosphere Interactions41173 542G1704