Topic in land-atmosphere interactions:

Goal of the PhD is to investigate the effects of islands and continents on the spatial distribution of precipitation. To that aim, large-domain simulations using a grid spacing of a few kilometers will be performed to investigate the mechanisms that control the precipitation amounts over land and over ocean. Such simulations, despite their computation cost, have the advantage that moist convection and associated precipitation can be explicitly resolved and do no not need to rely on an uncertain convective parameterisation as in conventional climate models. The results of the study should help understand long-standing precipitation biases that exist in conventional climate models. As the PhD topic is not part of a predefined project, there is considerable room for the candidate to develop his/her own research topic within this broad topic of land-atmosphere interactions.

For further information, please contact Cathy Hohenegger.


Topic in volcanic forcing:

The PhD topic is related to volcanic radiative forcing, atmospheric dynamical responses and climate sensitivity in the Working Group Global Circulation and Climate. The candidate will be co-supervised by Prof. Matt Toohey from the University of Saskatoon (Canada) and be part of the DFG-funded research group VolImpact in collaboration with researchers from a variety of German research institutions.

For further information, please contact Hauke Schmidt.


Note that applications will be accepted only when submitted via the online application system.