IMPRS-ESM runs a flexible curriculum. A few principal teaching units are offered repeatedly including two mandatory units (our introduction to Earth system sciences and modelling and the annual retreat) as well as a summer school. The majority of IMPRS-ESM courses are offered according to demand from participants and the interests of the lecturers. Doctoral candidates choose courses based on their own scientific interest and to best complement their personal training scheme. IMPRS-ESM also encourages doctoral candidates to pursue courses offered by the University of Hamburg, and to attend the seminars presented at the KlimaCampus throughout the year. PhD candidates earn a minimum of 12 IMPRS-ESM credit points throughout their term.

Summer semester 2017

Title (Lecturer)|Dates|Time/Place|Crd.
<LINK 5442>S_36 Climate Dynamics</LINK> (T. Mauritsen)
|3 April - 10 July 2017|Mondays
Room B022/023|2
(+2 credits for
course report)
<LINK 5961>S_73 Parameterizing moist processes in atmospheric models (HErZ)</LINK>
(C. Hohenegger & D. Klocke)|5 April - 12 July 2017|Wednesdays
Rooms 1643 & 1536c|2
<LINK 6270>Introduction to Python</LINK>|10 - 12 May 2017|9:00-16:30h
Room B101|-
<LINK 5443>I_01 Introduction to Earth System Science and Modelling</LINK>
(B. Stevens et al.)|12 - 16 June 2017|Kiel|2
<LINK 5793>S_37 Statistical Tools in Climate Research: Spectral Analysis</LINK> (Jin-Song von Storch, Dian Putrasanhan)|10 - 12 July 2017|9:30-12:30 lectures
14:00-17:00 exercises
Room: tbd|1+1
<LINK 5792>S_38 Statistical Tools in Climate Research: Hypothesis Testing</LINK> (Jin-Song von Storch, Dian Putrasanhan)|13 - 14 July 2017|9:30-12:30 lectures
14:00-17:00 exercises
Room: tbd|1+1
<LINK 5431>I_10 EaSyMS Earth System Modelling School</LINK>|4 - 8 September 2017|Hamburg|2
<LINK 6036>S_72 Introduction to ICON</LINK> (S. Rast)|in August 2017 - exact date to be announced|9:00 -
Geomatikum, H3|2
<LINK 5432>IMPRS Annual Retreat</LINK>|4 - 6 October 2017|Lüneburg|-

Winter semester 2016/17

Title (Lecturer)|Dates|Time/Place|Crd.
<LINK 5432>IMPRS Annual Retreat in Lüneburg</LINK>|5 - 7 October 2016|-|-
<LINK 5436>S_43 NCL Workshop</LINK> (Karin Meier-Fleischer, Mary Haley)|11 - 13 October 2016|time tbd
DKRZ, room 034|2
<LINK 5435>S_39 Generic Academic Skills</LINK> (Jochem Marotzke)|17 Oct 2016 - 30 Jan 2017|Mondays
Room B101
E_138 A Climate System View of Atmospheric Waves (Bjorn Stevens)|18 Oct 2016 - 31 Jan 2017|Tuesdays
Geomatikum, H3
<LINK 5434>S_41 Advanced Scientific Writing</LINK> (J. Marotzke & D. Murphy)|6 - 10 Feb 2017|9:00-16:00
Room B301|2